Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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Reflection Post

To me, this author has it backwards. If we are moving back to the emotional age, we are in trouble. The only way we have of breaking out of the present dilemna is to use the logical, or problem solving part of our brain to forge ahead.

Chapter Nine- Meaning

Chapter Nine deals with meaning in life. Frankly I'm not too certain what this chapter has to do with why right-brainers will rule the future and I'm rather opinionated as to how I feel about Mr. Pink's writing and thought pattern. I believe that he's out to lunch-he gives examples of concentration camp survivors...

Pink states that empathy is an essential part of living a life of meaning. God has purpose for placing us where we are right now in life. Right brain, left brain, how about discovering God's purpose in life by asking what he wants us to know now. Let's not abandon the purpose for which we were made. That's the meaning of life.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reflection Post

The main thing I gained up from A Whole New Mind is a better sense of how the way people think influences the way things are done in the world, and a better understanding of the differences between right and left-brain characteristics. Pink does a nice job of explaining his ideas on the shift (at least in the U.S.) from a “left-directed”, utility based, to a right-directed, significance based, society/economy.
I appreciated the way he broke it down to the six main senses (design, story, symphony, empathy, play, and meaning) that are becoming increasingly necessary to be successful in what is evolving into a more “right-directed.” That made the information he presented more manageable for me. The real examples supporting his arguments and the practical ideas for building/improving these senses allowed me to make connections from my life to the text.
I think this book validates a lot of things teachers do daily – from building meaningful relationships with our students, to encouraging creativity and critical thinking, to valuing emotion and intuition and helping students learn how to best express these.